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Gardening Without a Garden

I get so excited this time of year about growing our own vegetables in the garden. Unfortunately, we are not where we can do that this year so I am already thinking about a container garden.

This is a picture of our pallet/container garden from a couple of years ago. We lived in a townhouse with a very small yard. It was fun getting creative and still being able to grow our own food. It is amazing what will grow in a container!575931_4566602490425_829233098_n gives step-by-step instructions on how to have a pallet garden. gives great advice on how to have a container garden.

When you have a container garden, it is fun to learn to grow food from scraps. This post from Happy Money Saver gives some great ideas for “regrowing” food. Here’s a picture of the celery stalk I planted.21029_4622408725546_1209205398_n

Since we will not be planting a big garden this year, I have been looking for local farms where we can pick vegetables. That sounds like a great homeschool activity, too! I found some interesting websites that give information about where to find these farms. gives information about farms in your area. It generally tells what they grow, the seasons they are open and gives contact information. has good information about local farms. It gives a description and contact information. It gets you pointed in the right direction.

Here is one from our area, the Georgia Department of Agriculture. I bet most states have a similar website.

Happy planting!



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