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The Death of a Dream

There is no better feeling than when dreams finally come true. Thankfulness fills your heart, happiness fills your days and hopefulness overflows from you to others. I have had dreams come true. I have gotten married, had babies, built a house and achieved more in my career than I ever wanted to achieve. But, I have had to lay some dreams to rest.

I have spent the last few weeks grieving over some dreams that have not come to pass. I came to the realization that too much time has passed and these dreams are never going to be. The worst part of having to let go of these dreams is that I have always believed the Lord put them in my heart. I have held to them, keeping faith that they would one day come to pass.

As I ponder these things, it occurs to me that I have had to let plenty of dreams go. Divorce, loss of my business and financial ruin wiped out most of my dreams. Starting over did not generate new dreams. I have existed in a survival mode for too many years. Trying to get reestablished and wanting things that were just out of reach have been too much to handle.

I have cried my tears and wallowed in my depression. Now, I am shoveling the dirt back into the hole. No headstone necessary. I do not intend to revisit this place. God is faithful. He directs my footsteps. He will get me where I need to go.



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