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The ZYX of Me

Zing, Zing, Zing…my thoughts Yearning Xing (Crossing) between hope and doubt Wanting to be whole as I fall apart Vaguely, in the distance, hearing voices of reassurance Unmoved Teetering on the edge Searching Ransacking the sky for answers Questioning Promises Only to find silence Needing something real Meandering through life like a lost child in… Continue reading The ZYX of Me

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What A Year!

My dad died in 1997. In 2005, I lost my business. In 2006, I lost my dream home, my vehicle and my husband divorced me. But 2016…now this has been a hard year. This has been a year of realizations for me. I realized that my dreams aren’t going to come true, not the way… Continue reading What A Year!

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The Death of a Dream

There is no better feeling than when dreams finally come true. Thankfulness fills your heart, happiness fills your days and hopefulness overflows from you to others. I have had dreams come true. I have gotten married, had babies, built a house and achieved more in my career than I ever wanted to achieve. But, I have had… Continue reading The Death of a Dream

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Romance and Ranch Dressing

What is romance? One of the definitions for romance on is a baseless, made-up story, usually full of exaggeration or fanciful invention. If you go to the movie rental place and look for a movie in the romance section, you will most likely find movies with a whole lot of lust. Romance is not necessarily the… Continue reading Romance and Ranch Dressing

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An Open Letter to the People Who Were Wrong

Today, my baby sister got married. My sister is a beautiful, wonderfully sensitive, caring person. She is also 35 years old and this is her first marriage. She did not put off getting married and having a family for a career. She has, in fact, dreamed of this day for many years. Dreams are hard… Continue reading An Open Letter to the People Who Were Wrong

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Keep on Truckin’

That’s my new motto: Keep on Truckin’. My husband recently graduated from a commercial trucking program, got his CDL license and headed on down the road. He left on August 25 to begin training to drive for a particular company. We have been married for five years and, other than the five days he was in… Continue reading Keep on Truckin’

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Gardening Without a Garden

I get so excited this time of year about growing our own vegetables in the garden. Unfortunately, we are not where we can do that this year so I am already thinking about a container garden. This is a picture of our pallet/container garden from a couple of years ago. We lived in a townhouse… Continue reading Gardening Without a Garden